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The museum renewed QUALITE TOURISME™ status in 2018

The Conseil Départemental d’Indre-et-Loire’s properties and around another sixty sites in the Loire Valley began working in partnership with the Comité Départemental du Tourisme de Touraine in 2008 on a new framework for delivering quality in line with shared and state recognised quality standards, outlined in the Quality Framework for Loire Valley cultural sites. The aim of the new guidelines is to improve service levels across these sites. Sites which meet the standards will be awarded the nationally recognised label, QUALITE TOURISME™. The Museum of Prehistory at Le Grand-Pressigny is one of the twenty-two Loire Valley sites which have already achieved the status. The museum team, led by manager Michel PHILIPPE, meet the high standards set by the framework in welcoming their visitors.

Being awarded the QUALITE TOURISME™ label is something the museum team are very proud of; the achievement is the result of several years’ hard work. The status granted to the museum will strengthen the positive image of the site and increase its regional and national standing by encouraging many more people to visit.



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