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To prepare your visite, play with this Museum game


1 - Is the Museum of Prehistory in Le Grand-Pressigny built on a Prehistoric archaeological site?

2 - Prehistoric man hunted dinosaurs

3 - You need to rub two pieces of flint together to make fire

4 - Prehistoric man used flint every day. But what is flint?
     A tool
     A weapon
     A stone

5 - All of Prehistoric man’s tools were made of flint

6 - Is flint a rare material?
     No, it is plentiful
     Yes, it is quite rare
     It is found in all regions

7 - The Le Grand-Pressigny area was a production centre for large flint blades at the end of the Neolithic period. These large blades were:
     Easy-to-produce everyday tools
     Hunting knives
     Prestigious tools, sometimes distributed over hundreds of kilometres

8 - Why do archaeologists call certain flint cores produced at the end of the Neolithic period (around 3000 BC) in Le Grand-Pressigny “Livres de beurre”?
     The cores are real flint books
     The cores generally weigh a pound (around 500 grams)
     The cores resemble blocks of butter that in the past was pounded in wooden moulds

9 - At the end of the Neolithic period, between 3000 and 2400 BC, the flint of Le Grand-Pressigny, very much appreciated across a large part of Europe, was exported. But in what form?
     In the form of large blades
     In the form of uncut blocks
     In the form of livres de beurre cores

10 - Why are there so few Prehistoric skeletons in Touraine?
     There were no Prehistoric people in Touraine
     Prehistoric Man did not bury their dead
     Bones do not stay well preserved in the sandy, clay soil of Touraine


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