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The Museum of Prehistory offers educational workshops and demonstrations for schools.
Reservation is essential.
In term time, workshops start at 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.
Duration of workshops: 2 hours (including a museum visit specifically related to the theme of the workshop)

It is possible to reserve several workshops or demonstrations in the same day.
Reservations should be made a month in advance.

Visit preparation: for supplementary teacher’s pack in French, click here.
Reservation on +33 2 47 94 90 20 (reception)
Fax. +33 2 47 94 99 60
Public Services: +33 2 47 94 96 42 (Frédéric DEMOUCHE)
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss specific projects (Frédéric DEMOUCHE, Head of Public Services, fdemouche@departement-touraine.fr or +33 2 47 94 96 42).
Guided tours can be adjusted according to teachers' request and in connection with workshops selected.

Nursery and reception classes
''Conte'' Helmut The mammoth : this visit focuses on the Museum collections that are related to the mammoth and includes a story about the mammoth and a workshop where the children can engrave a mammoth onto clay. For 4 year-olds and above.

Primary schools
Neolithic pottery : the children will try their hand at coiling clay, decorate Neolithic pottery and take their pot away with them (teachers having reserved this workshop will need to ensure something is provided to carry the objects made by the children). It’s also possible to make spindle whorls (clay tools used to spin wool or vegetable fibres) and clay necklace beads based on Neolithic models.

The food of the first peasants : try your hand at making flour on a millstone like they did in Neolithic times and at using the peasants’ flint tools.

The Palaeolithic hut and the Neolithic house : using models made by the pupils as a base, the class will study the lifestyles, which were nomadic or sedentary, of the two principal Prehistoric periods: the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods.

Prehistoric art : the pupils will try their hand at painting and engraving techniques used by Cro-Magnon Man. The facilitator will provide an explanation regarding the animals that the men of the Upper Palaeolithic period depicted.
Prehistoric finery : the pupils will make finery in bone, shells, stone or clay like that made in the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods.
Musical instruments : the pupils will make flutes, whistles, bullroarers or rattles in bone using flint tools, based on archaeological objects on display in the museum.
Human Development : the pupils will recognize and manipulate skulls of prehistoric humans, then they'll make their composite drawing.
From primary to secondary school
Archaeological excavation : try out archaeologists’ working methods, with fine excavation, recording finds, analysing artefacts in order to identify the type and period of occupation (outdoor excavation module, depending on weather conditions. By reservation between April and September).


Duration : 30 minutes

Fire in Prehistoric Times: the history and techniques of making fire. Pupils will observe the different materials (wood, marcasite and flint) as well as two techniques, attested by archaeology, used to make fire: friction and percussion.
Flint cutting: the principal methods of weapon and tool making will be demonstrated to the pupils. They will be able to test the effectiveness of certain tools on different materials (wood, bone, leather).



  • School pass : €1.50 per children
    For primary classes, schools from outside the Indre-et-Loire department, secondary schools and universities
    Workshop €4 per pupil
    Démonstration €2.50 per pupil
    Upon reservation
  • Free school pass
    For nursery and for schools from the Indre-et-Loire department. It is valid for the current academic year, as many times as required.
    Workshop €4 per pupil
    Démonstration €2.50 per pupil
    Upon reservation


Additional accompanying parties will need to pay the concessionary admission charge of €5.





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