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Indre-et-Loire Local Council's Built Heritage

Chinon, Forteresse royale de chinon

Loches, Cité royale

Monts, Domaine de Candé

Tours, Musée de l'hôtel Goüin

Saché, Musée Balzac

Seuilly, Musée Rabelais

The Indre-et-Loire Local Council has a rich built heritage. In addition to the Prehistory museum of Le Grand-Pressigny and all the buildings in Loches and Chinon, several buildings that mark significant moments of French history and literature are open to the public.
It was in the Château de Saché that Honoré de Balzac wrote The Lily of the Valley in 1836.
Saint-Cosme Priory welcomed Ronsard and Rabelais wrote Gargantua in La Devinière.
A 16th-century house, the château of Candé was transformed and modernised in the 19th and 20thcenturies. The marriage here, in 1397, of Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor, who thus renounced the English throne, would give the site an undeniable and lasting romantic aura.




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