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Discovering natural heritage


Discovering natural and cultural heritage


Rosnay, Parc naturel régional de la Brenne Indre

La Brenne Regional Nature Park.
Located at the heart of the Berry, Touraine, Poitou and Limousin areas, the Park territory offers exceptional landscapes over 166,000 hectares with spectacular lakes and ponds.
La Brenne Regional Nature Park strives to conserve and add value to the environment of its inhabitants, through the development of nature tourism.
In nearby Le Blanc, the eco-museum at Château Naillac is worth a visit.

Obterre, Réserve de la Haute Touche Indre

La Haute Touche Nature and Animal Reserve is the largest zoological park in France. Located in a large 500-hectare forest in LaBrenne, of which 100 hectares are open to the public, it is home to over 1,000 animals and more than 100 species from 5 continents.
In particular, the fauna of Prehistoric times, such as the Prejwalsky horses, many wild deer and a bronze statue of the extinct giant megaceros deer, are evoked here.




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